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The famous Pipa Musician Ma Lin


  Ph.D. He Yong. made a opening speech who is the Director Chinese Languamme Programme in  United Nations      

       Ma Lin with Yong Ho,Ph.D.
     Presenter Liu Chang
    Ma Lin was playing Pipa

WPTV reported in United Nations Headquarters by Qianwen Bao: Famous Pipa player Ma Lin held a touching "Pipa melody concert" in United Nations Headquarters Language Center on December 9th. Pipa culture and charming timbre made the audiences deeply affected.

Ma Lin’s music have different styles , each song can make people image into the beautiful scenery .

Especially the master music of her " Misty Drizzle Jiangnan", her skillful fingers, dial pop-up melody, make a beautiful Jiangnan realistic. Audiences hear birds sing and see the flowers.

The concert was held at the United Nations Language Center, which is the first time such event was held in this site.

Ma Lin: Famous Pipa Player, Top 10 Chinese young Pipa players , Master of the Central Conservatory of Music, Member of China Musicians Association, the United Nations peace concert invited the Pipa Player.

Went to the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Czech, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and other countries and regions have received great acclaim performances.

Representative works: Pipa MTV “Misty Drizzle Jiangnan” , “Fall leaves” , “Drunken Master”, “Pure Lotus

The album "spring and Autumn", also highly praised by home and abroad.

      Ma Lin was playing Pipa

     United Nations official and Ma Lin 
    Ma Lin was playing Pipa
     Professor Chen Feng, United Nations simultaneous interpretation 
     Ma Lin was playing Pipa 

     Former Presidnet Xuejun Wen of RC Chinese Book Clup and  Ph.D. Yong Ho 
      Audience at the United Nations Headquarters enjoy the Pipa concert
     The United Nations Language Center the Pipa concert” 
    The United Nations Language Center 
        The United Nations staff Qianwen