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          Interview in the DCINY office

On February 11th afternoon, Peace Ever TV reporter arrived at the international music institutions office near the world-famous Carnegie Hall. We had interview with the famous conductor Jonathan Griffith and the organizations founders Alice. The reason for Peace Ever TV had this interview opportunity with Jonathan is because eminent international concert agency will hold a large-scale concert at Carnegie Hall after a few days, while the first half of the concert is the Yellow River Cantata.

This year 2015 is not only the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations, and also is the World Anti-Fascist War and Anti-Japanese War 70th anniversary. 70 years ago, the Chinese people suffered eight years arduous war, and lastly made the victory. To celebrate Black History Month and the Chinese New Year, the New York "Outstanding International Concert" agency will be performed a "Two Cultures, One Dream" gala concert in the world-famous Carnegie hall on the eve of Chinese New Year, also the second day of Valentine's Day. 

The first half of the concert will be performed "Yellow River Cantata" and conducted by Yi Jie from Shanghai Opera Theatre.  The second half concert will be performed "Exodus"  by the famous conductor Jonathan. This is Rogers - Robinson's the world premiere of  "Exodus" .

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          Interview with the famous conductor Jonathan Griffith         

         Interviewed with the DCINY Organization Co-founder Alice Derke