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Today is International Children's Day. Mr. Duowen, a famous painter in Hong Kong, presents us portraits of children from all over the world those calls "Returning to the Fairy Tale World of dreams in June" .These more than 30 children's portrait paintings depicting their study and life from different aspects and we sharing them together.

Here, we also think of the fairy tales of Andersen, a world-renowned children's writer.Born in Denmark in the early 18th century, he has loved literary creation since he was a child, but at that time, he was publicly criticised by a famous writer of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales in newspapers, which could only please shallow and impetuous child readers and be ridiculed. In fact, Andersen is already stealthily to the goal and path of a great literary giant.
None of those famous writers can memorise and really understand him and his works. The reason is that the goal of Andersen's creation is to build a coordinate system from the starting point of the world's children's lives, that is, to set a lifelong career development goal for human children's books. It was our children who understood him, and even children all over the world understood him, voted in favour of him, and became his loyal fans for generations after generation.
More than 300 years later, Andersen's fairy tales have a long history. Therefore, we adults should understand that all judgements and standards can fool us, but they can't face the clear eyes of our children. What is children's education? The essence of children's education is to listen to what children say! Children are the purest and innocent buds of human beings.
They are small trees today and will be shaded tomorrow. May the childlike innocence of the world's teenagers always have a fairy tale of good life. May they grow up quickly in the fairy tale fantasy in June and go to the world full of stars...