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   Rachel Bowen Pittman Executive Director of UNA-USA  ( Our profile picture, please click on the picture to read related reports)

UN New Media according to the email report from  UNA-USA  Rachel Bowen Pittman Executive Director, today morning. She told us in the email: “On Monday, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released their latest report—and the findings are distressing. 

The report, which UN Secretary-General António Guterres called "a code red for humanity," warns that climate change is rapidly intensifying and impacting every region of the world—and we're running out of time to take action.”

The clock is ticking. Will you take one minute to urge your elected officials to support more ambitious climate action?

The world’s leading climate scientists are more certain than ever of the link between human activity and climate change. We must act fast to curb emissions before all climate-related impacts become irreversible.

At next month's UN General Assembly, world leaders must immediately commit to bolder action plans and identify solutions, especially as we count down to COP26 in Glasgow, which signals the deadline for governments to share their updated plans to address the climate crisis.

Let your Members of Congress know: the time to act is now.

Thank you for taking action. Together, we can ensure our lawmakers answer this urgent call and put us back on track to a healthier, more sustainable future.